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Ngandjeu, Casimir and Jeannette, 7-2022_
Casimir & Jeannette Ngandjeu

Location:  Gitega, Burundi

Bio:  In ministry since 2000, Casimir and Jeannette became missionaries to Burundi in east-central Africa, in 2016.  Cameroonians by nationality, the Ngandjeus have established two Bible schools in two major cities of the country.  Casimir, a gifted teacher, and Jeannette, with a heart for young girls and women, are doing an excellent work in Burundi, where 90% of the population lives below the poverty line. 


Interesting Fact:  Casimir and Jeannette are fourth generation disciples of LWM.

Ministry Hallmark:  Bible Training Centers, marriage ministry, missions awareness, and youth ministry.

Serving Since:  2000

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