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Every Child Every Day Feeding Project

Every Child Every Day, our partnership with Feed the Hungry, provides a hot lunch for 4,332 children in Christian schools and orphanages in Chad.  Most of the school children are from Muslim families who recognize Christian schools better serve their children.  The testimonies are so precious.  Here is a recent one: 

My parents are happy because for two years, my school results have improved a lot. When I gave my life to Jesus, I asked God to make me intelligent and have good grades, and He did. My friends say that I talk about God too much, but it is because Jesus gave me a new heart. I am grateful, so I speak about how he has blessed our family. My mother prays to Jesus with me, and my father does not forbid us any more to be Christians. One day Jesus will touch his heart too.

These children-at-risk are from low-income, mostly Muslim, families.  The schools provide weekly gospel training for the children, as part of the ECED program.  Muslim parents, who recognize these schools as a better option for their children, agree to the Christian training.


Our partners at Feed the Hungry provide the fortified rice meals.  The schools provide the personnel and serving equipment.  Living Word Missions country directors, Justin and Maimouna Robaye, oversee the logistics of the project.


Your contribution can help with cooking and serving equipment, transportation, and oversight costs.

Click on the PayPal link below to preference your gift for the Every Child Every Day Feeding Project.

You can make a one-time or recurring donation.
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