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Missionaries to Missionaries

Living Word Missions is privileged to serve some of the most dedicated Christian workers on earth.  Affiliation with Living Word Missions is based upon a criteria of Bible training, Christian character, Christian service, and covenant relationship. 


Field missionaries are living outside their home nation, serving cross-culturally.


In several nations, Living Word Missions missionaries have turned leadership to disciples who now lead ministries, serving their own people group.  These leaders are listed as country directors.


International itinerant ministers are based in their home nation, but travel and minister internationally.


Many life circumstances require missionaries to return home for a season or permanently.  Children's education, health or financial issues, or the need to care for an aging parent are some of the reasons missionaries go through transitions.  Living Word Missions assists these missionaries in transition with re-entry to their home culture, relocation assistance, and counseling.


Abbey & Watchen Babalola - Liberia ​

Bettie Colson - Guatemala 

Casimir and Jeannette Ngandjeu - Burundi 

Christian and Yvette Mongele - Uganda

Daniel and Abbi Saesong - Thailand

Debby Roth - Guatemala 

Fred & Diane Doell - Thailand 

Fredy & Mabel Melendez - Thailand

Ghislain & Christelle Tetchi - Ivory Coast

Joseph & Christiana Koomson - Burkina Faso 

Oliver & Lisa Frischknecht - Switzerland 

Tony and Anna Foli - Gambia


Alieu Bayo - Gambia

Justin & Maimouna Robaye - Chad

Moussa & Josephine Ouattara - Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

S. & Agnes Nathan - Malaysia 

Vincent & Delia Padupad - Philippines 

World Map - Missionaries Locations (11 × 8.5 in).png
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