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The Deaf Initiative

There are over 70 million Deaf people around the world.  Yet, less than 2% of them have ever heard the Gospel, making the Deaf the largest Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) in the world. 

An Unengaged Unreached People Group is an ethnic group with no Bible, and no known Christians among them, and up until now, no missions group going after them. 

Statistically, 1,400 Deaf people die every day without ever hearing about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Living Word Missions aims to help change these statistics. 

Our missionaries are reaching out in love to those around them, going into the Deaf Schools in their area with training, providing sign language interpreters in their church services and inviting the Deaf to worship with them, including the Deaf youth in their youth programs, working to establish ways for the Deaf to attend Bible Schools, and the list goes on! 

Your gift to the Deaf Initiative will help us provide the necessary services and training for our missionaries to reach out to these precious people with the love of Christ.  We thank God for you! 

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The Deaf Initiative

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