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Our Work

With a foundation in on-the-field ministry beginning in 1985, Living Word Missions staff has enjoyed 38 years of world missions service.  Our founders served first as missionaries, primarily in West Africa.  Then in 1993, Living Word Missions was founded as a missions-service ministry. 


We work in two realms of ministry.  As “missionaries to missionaries,” providing support, training and resources for affiliated missionaries and majority world ministers. Our second emphasis is projects among unreached people groups in Muslim-dominated regions.

Missionary Support

  • Administration — regular communication, receipting donations, financial reporting, banking assistance, mail forwarding, and donor relations

  • Training— bi-annual family retreats, on-the-field visits, and ongoing teaching

  • Family Support—spiritual, emotional, and physical support through a ministry family network and accessing human resources in partner churches

  • Resources—digital material, physical resources, training materials

  • Coordination of in-kind gifts and services

  • Association of churches — facilitating contacts and networking among member churches and pastors

Unreached People Group Projects 

  • Church planting

  • Outreach equipment such as audio Bibles in local languages

  • After-care of Muslim converts

  • Humanitarian aid for the purpose of evangelism

  • Translation and duplication of faith materials

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