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Missionary Prep

Session #1: Missions Today by Jean-Claude Noah


Session #2: Discerning Your Assignment by Wendy Tatro

Session #3: Life Preparation by Wendy Tatro


Session #4: Adopting a Missions Mindset by Jean-Claude Noah

Do you sense a call to missions? Don't know how to take the next step?

With over 34 years of missions experience, we can help!

Below are several sessions from a training our staff created to help you to know how to take the next steps.

Adopting a Missions Mindset - Jean-Claude Noah
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Missions Today - Jean-Claude Noah
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Discerning Your Asisgnment - Wendy Tatro
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Life Preperation - Wendy Tatro
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Missions Manual by Bert Farias

Written by a former missionary regarding

the steps to prepare for a missions career. 

Below is a video interivew with Rev. Bert Farias sharing on how to take the next steps towards a call to missions.


Bert and his wife Carolyn are the founders of Holy Fire Ministries, a wonderful ministry that has a call to equip and raise up ministers around the world.

The relationship between these two ministries has a rich background! In 1987, as singles, Bert and Carolyn flew to Africa to serve with Russ and Wendy Tatro on the mission field in Monrovia, Liberia. Little did the Fariases know that they would not only meet, but also get married years later from that time serving together!

Contact Us!

If you feel a call to missions, but aren't sure how to get there from where you are, we can help. Send us a message and let us walk you through your next steps!

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