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Disciplinary and Restoration Procedures

The Executive Board encourages all affiliates of Living Word Missions to fulfill their ministry in a scriptural and ethical manner.

An affiliate's conduct at all times should be as a minister and ambassador of Christ, upholding Living Word Missions' Code of Ministerial Ethics. If, however, an affiliate’s conduct falls within the Suspension and Dismissal categories, the organization will take necessary steps for the complete discipline and restoration of the affiliate.


Restoration of a minister is a process that brings the minister who has erred under discipline until he/she is ready to resume ministerial duties, if possible. Restoration is not a punishment, but a necessary time of mending, using positive, corrective resources for complete recovery. When situations requiring discipline and restoration arise, LWM affiliates are to contact and seek the counsel of the Executive Board as to a course of action to facilitate the implementation of the process. However, if such attempts are not pursued and completed, suspension and possible dismissal may occur.

All affiliates of Living Word Missions are responsible to uphold the culture and ethics of the ministry. In an environment of safe harbor, we hold one another to this culture and these ethics.

Suspension of Affiliation

Should the occasion arise when unbiblical conduct by an affiliate is made known to the Executive Board, the Board will begin the process of verifying all the allegations. If the allegations are confirmed, the member shall be placed within the Suspension Category immediately.

LWM affiliates placed within the Suspension Category shall willingly submit their license or ordination certificate and credential card to the Board upon request. Members within the Suspension Category remain legally licensed or ordained and all ministerial privileges remain intact until the investigation is completed.

Violations of Ministerial Ethics and Code of Conduct would include:

  1. Spousal or child abuse

  2. Marital separation

  3. Divorce

  4. Sexual misconduct (including pornography)

  5. Substance abuse (alcohol or drugs, legal or illegal)

  6. Ethical violations in finances

  7. Ethical violations with another church or minister

  8. Failing to adhere to Living Word Missions' Tenets of Faith


Dismissal from Affiliation

Any affiliate refusing to submit to and adhere to sound counsel, correction, discipline, and restoration will be removed from affiliation with LWM and his/her ministerial credentials will be revoked.

Reason for dismissal would include:
Failure to submit to and complete the restoration process for any violation mentioned in "Suspension of Affiliation."

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