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The Fula Project

We believe we are called to help reach the nearly 20 million Fula spread across 19 countries in Africa. 
Since they span the width of northern Africa, the Fula see themselves as a Muslim shield blocking Christianity from entering the north of Africa. Many do not convert to Christianity, fearing the hostility of family and friends.


The Fula are traditionally a nomadic, trading people, often herding cattle, goats and sheep. They are the largest nomadic ethnic group in the world and inhabit several territories over an area larger in size than the continental United States.


Since 2014 we have sought partnerships in reaching the Fula.  For three years we partnered with seven church planters working among the Fula in the Senegambia Region of West Africa.  Many converts were made and we thank God that in 2018 the Gambian church began overseeing this project with continuing success.

In 2018 we sought partnerships with a larger network of Fula workers.  Currently we partner with a discipleship and vocational training program for church planters conducted by Fulani Ministries in Burkina Faso. 

This three-month training produces church planters armed with a vocational skill.  Church planters are trained to enter their Fula village of assignment, find a man of peace, and set up their trade.  They become an asset to the community and their good customer service wins them friends.  The church planter becomes a valuable and accepted member of his community, which enables him to hire and minister to local people.


Scholarship the 3-month training for a church planter:  $700

(Includes meals and lodging, discipleship training, and vocational training for three months.)

Purchase the vocational equipment for a church planter:  $500

(Graduation gift package including books, SD cards loaded with teachings, and tools for their vocational work.  Provided, depending upon their choice of trade...carpentry tools, farming tools, used sewing machine, food service items for a restaurant, equipment for a cell phone kiosk, or stock for a local store.)

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