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The Jula Project

We believe we are called to help reach the approximately 2 million Jula living in Burkina-Faso, West Africa.

Our focus is on Jula living in rural villages in the southwestern region of the nation, bordering Mali and Ivory Coast. 

The Joshua Project website states, “Only a tiny handful of the Jula are Christians. The majority of Jula are Sunni Muslim. Most of the others, whom the Muslims call pagans, hold traditional animistic beliefs (believe that non-living objects have spirits). These ‘pagans’ represent nearly one-third of the country's population.”

Despite the challenges, a courageous church planting team has successfully established a work among the Jula.  Gregoire and Jerome, graduates of  an LWM-affiliated Bible school, founded by Missionaries, Joseph and Christiana Koomson, are planting churches among the Jula.  


You can help support this historic work by providing evangelism resources!    


Joseph, Gregoire, and Jerome.

Jula believers worshipping in Touroukoro, Burkina Faso in West Africa! 
This church was planted by Gregoire.

Gregoire lived in the capital city of Burkina Faso, went to Bible school, then heeded God's call to reach the Jula.  He relocated to a rural, unreached region of his nation, with the intention of reaching the Jula.  Gregoire has planted three churches among the Jula, and he and Jerome are raising up Jula leaders to plant more churches!


Listen to the Bible in Jula! These are some of the devices that Gregoire and Jerome are currently using in Burkina-Faso. 

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