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Most Unreached People Groups lack faith materials translated into their language.  Faith materials support the work of church planters by establishing disciples in Biblical principles.


When only print materials are available, less-literate disciples do not have options.  For this reason, we produce audio versions of faith materials, which can be copied on SD cards.  Audio teaching makes mobile ministry possible as most individuals in developing nations have SD card-equipped cell phones.


Living Word Missions has translated to print, and recorded the audio, of The Believer's Authority by Kenneth E. Hagin into Fula, Mandinka, and Wolof, the predominant languages of the Senegambia Region of West Africa. 


An additional translation project is The Blood Covenant by Russ Tatro, taught specifically for an African audience.


Help translate The Blood Covenant into the language of an Unreached People Group:

Fula, print version$800

Fula, audio version$600


Mandinka, print version$800

Mandinka, audio version $600


Wolof, print version$800

Wolof, audio version$600

Jula, print version$800

Jula, audio version$600

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